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and texas. heat index. it looks like it will stay there if you have not noticed the hurricane season has been very quiet. atlantic is quiet. and the pat certain not con deuce tive bringing them in. and the pattern is stable. and santa rosa. that's the average high for the 5th. and livermore 89. 74 and 68. not today. 81. 6 #. 61. that's been a month since san francisco had a 70-degree temperature. and cool pattern but cooler as we get to wednesday and thursday. low off the coast about 400- miles from san francisco. and that's going to go over us. it doesn't have the moisture but it enhances that fog bank. and they will go down into midweek 567890s on the temperatures. but a strong delta breeze. and 37. out to sacramento. 86 out there. you know that's cool for them. clouds and fog. there are planty of clouds. inland. 70s and 80s. mist or drizzle. and once it burns off can crank up. that's windy. and 60s, 70s and 80s. and 68, 77 walnut creek. 65 and 85 brentwood. they will not be there too long. 75. we have 68. scott dyleski 67 and 73 palo alto. not much change. maybe cooler inland. >> 6:11
be headed to texas for canada. but at this point they just don't know and they're looking for any tips. authorities believe that he is driving a blue four-door nissan. let's go to hit the license plate number it is 6 wcu 986. if you see the plate you are asked to call 911 or authorities immediately. investigators say that he was a friend of the children's mother and they again are very concerned. reporting live. we have details about a stabbing at a hardware store. the san francisco chronicle said that a customer stabbed an employee at a store 17 times on sunday after that employee tried to call 911. the employee was trying to report that the customer had stolen spray paint and facing -- ent ping his face. the customer was making religious references. now the stabbing victim has been identified as daniel joseph stone. his attacker has been charged with murder and will be arraigned today. >>> more coverage in a transit strike. bart trains may be running but now ac transit workers threatened to go on strike. and we go to oakland to find out what the drivers are saying this morning. >> re
nows in texas. they officials have arrested a man who believed to have killed four people and wounded four. the gunman was arrested at a house in the suburb of desoto where four more people were found shot. the investigation is going on this morning. we'll bring you more details. >>> police are looking for whoever made a bomb threat last night targeting a movie theater. the threat name a text message. and the century theater was evacuated. the one person in the theater heard a fire alarm then the announcement to get out. >> i was trying to get out and people were trying to listen to the intercomes. but after we came out it is like chaos. >>> now the deputies with bomb sniffing dogs searched that for hours but no bomb was found. >>> and more on the child killed in an east oakland home. they are stepping up patrols and ramping up the operation to curb the violence. they believe that the baby drew jackson and his father were targeted at a home yesterday morning. they say he crept into the yard and fired through a window. >> it is unacceptable that children are shot while they sleep in t
be driving a blue four door nissan. he may be headed to. > texas or canada. the parents are divorced and he was a family friend. >>> pam, the amber alert for the children took a lot of people by surprise. they didn't realize that new phones come equipped to receive the alerts. it is the first time it was sent out statewide. you have to opt-out if you don't want the alerts but the chp hopes that the technology will make a difference and the searchs for the missing children. >>> i think that it is for the greater good. looking out for the children and everything like that. i think it should go out for every child that's missing. >> they have helped police. an 11 month old girl was found after an alert was issued in march. >>> and 6:26 is the time now. let's check in with sal, how is the commute? >> it is okay. it is being affected by drizzle and traffic is moving along relatively well up to 17. and no problems reported on the mountains and the valley. 680 southbound is good as you drive through. and driving to the south bay. >>> travis and fairfield this is a big fog bank and even cooler a lo
california prison. what he's accused of doing to a female doctor. >>> also the warning one texas couple has for parents after a very strange voice came through their baby monitor. >>> good morning. right -- it seems like there is a little bit more fog for some today. inland temps will they cool down or stay warm to hot? [ man ] she yours? yeah. my first. congratulations. your applewood pulled pork with extra pickles sir. [ male announcer ] new subway applewood pulled pork. the sweet and smoky flavor you love. subway. eat fresh. [ camera shutter snaps ] 0 to 60? or 60 to 0? [ tires screech ] how a car performs in a quarter-mile? [ engine revs ] or a quarter-century? is performance about the joy of driving? or the importance... of surviving. to us, performance is not about doing one thing well. it is about doing everything well. because in the end... everything matters. the best or nothing. that is what drives us. >>> welcome back. time now 6:14. two college friends of the surviving boston marathon bombing suspect pleaded not guilty to obstructing justice. name i can't patrol nouns the i will
in texas -- the prosecutors are expected to call an fbi agent who investigated the attack and two police officers who tackled and arrested hasan. hasan is representing himself. so far he's remained mostly silent through the witness testimony. >>> new information about the wild fires burning across the west. although some have been allowed to go back home, this fire in utah has forced more than 100 people to evacuate. it's burned about eight homes. 20 other buildings and 2,000 acres. it's now 50% contained. >>> there is a new wild fire warning across the western u.s.. 44 fires are burning across from these states you see on your screen. five other states are fighting several fires as well. four more states are fighting one fire each. strong winds and dry conditions may fuel new fires in idaho, utah, and even hawaii. >>> two bay area hospitals are among ten being fined by the state department of public health. they were fined $50,000 for september 2011 incident where a patient died after being given a nutritional. marin general were fined $100,000 after the state says the hospital staff pl
at fort hood in texas four years ago. he's acting as his own lawyer but questioned only three of the the prosecution's nearly 90 witnesses. it is unclear if he testifies and if he does, he is expected to talk about religious justifications for his actions. >>> today marks six weeks, the toddler was reported missing. he told police someone kidnapped daphne while he went to the store. daphne's family is desperately seeking any new information for her disappearance much the city is planning to put up daphne's picture and phone number for a tipline in an led billboard in front of the oakland arena. >> there's several missteption. the latest is the opening ceremony much plans for the original multi-million dollar bash were cancelled due to construction and delays. now the chronicle is reporting the scaled down version will take place. governor brown will not take place over the weekend. he will be in michigan. they are still deciding who will participate in the ceremony. >> time now, 6:48. let's check now with campbell. >>> coming in minutes, a really strange story out of vallejo.
hood, texas was necessary to protect muslim insurgents from american soldiers. a conviction of premeditated murder could lead to the death penalty. >>> a new effort by republicans in congress to block president obama's health care law as ktvu kyla campbell reports. 80 house republicans wrote a letter to their leader, kyla. >> reporter: dave, more than one-third of house republicans asked speaker boehner to avoid any budget deal that helps implement obama care. this is setting up a fiscal fight for the fall. a new budget is due september 30th and the very next day health care exchange opens so people can shop for insurance. if the republican controlled house tries to defund obama care, it's all but certain the democratic controlled senate won't sign on and neither would president obama. it's doubtful lawmakers would come one a long-term budget in september. they are only scheduled to work in washington for two weeks. leaders from both parties hinted a temporary extension of the current budget giving them a few extra months to agree on a long-term spending plan and avoid a go
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8